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2023 Chevy Equinox: Trims, Interior, Price, More


The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is one of Chevrolet’s newest SUV options. It’s got a lot going for it, making it a popular choice among people looking for their next SUV. We’ve put together this article highlighting some important facts about the Equinox to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

2023 Chevy Equinox: Engine and Performance

Inside the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is a 1.5-liter in-line four-cylinder turbo engine. This engine produces 175 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque, which is better than the 2022 Equinox, and is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission for a smooth driving experience. Front-wheel drive (FWD) is the default option on this vehicle, but you can also choose all-wheel drive (AWD). If you’re looking for a vehicle that can tow a trailer, the 2023 Chevy Equinox can pull up to 3,000 lbs when properly equipped. 

Another key performance indicator is fuel efficiency. The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox does pretty well for an SUV, with the FWD hitting 26 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. If you go for the AWD, this drops to 24 and 30 mpg, respectively. It’s often hard to find a fuel-efficient SUV that’s still a decent size, but the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox satisfies both criteria.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox: Interior Space and Comfort

The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox looks very similar to the 2022 model year, with a few minor changes. The 2022 model features comfortable front seats with plenty of space for passengers, and this remains the same for the 2023 model. Cloth upholstery comes standard in the LS and LT trims, while perforated leather is used for the RS and Premier trims. A small change for 2023 is the leather-wrapped steering wheel, which adds a touch of luxury and comfort. 

The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox also has a fair amount of cargo space. The rear storage area has 29.6 cubic feet of storage, which is ample for an SUV of this class. If you fold down the rear seats, you can expand this up to 63.9 cubic feet. That means you’ll have no problem hauling a lot of stuff on long road trips or weekend errands.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox: Entertainment

The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is packed with features that make driving more enjoyable. You get the standard 7-inch infotainment system that makes it easy to control all your favorite media sources. Equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the system lets you stream from your favorite media apps, load a navigation app, and use voice commands to perform tasks while driving. 4G LTE Wi-Fi is also standard, so all passengers can easily connect to the internet.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox: Safety 

In addition to its many entertainment options, the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is packed with safety features. A significant advantage of the Equinox is that it comes with OnStar, which is an emergency call system that you can use if you run into trouble along the way. It instantly connects you with a first responder or a service agent who can dispatch someone to help with a broken-down vehicle. 

Another great feature is the safety seat. This function vibrates the driver’s seat when approaching a dangerous object. For example, the left side of the seat vibrates to warn the driver when something is approaching the vehicle on the left. This simple alert system can help you avoid accidents and keep everyone inside safe.

Other important safety features include: 

  • Automatic emergency braking. 
  • Lane-keep assist. 
  • Lane departure warning. 
  • Adaptive cruise control. 

The 2023 Equinox received a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, it’s important to note that some of these features are only available on certain trim levels, so if there is a particular one you want, be sure that you get the appropriate trim.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox: Trims and MSRPs

Chevrolet offers four different trim options for the Equinox. Moving to a more premium trim gives the Equinox better capabilities, but it also raises the price. This makes it easy to choose the option that best balances cost and features for your personal preferences. The MSRPs for the different trims are:

  • 2023 Chevy Equinox LS: $27,995.
  • 2023 Chevy Equinox LT: $29,095.
  • 2023 Chevy Equinox RS: $32,095.
  • 2023 Chevy Equinox Premier: $33,195.

The level you select determines which features are available to you. For example, upgrading from the LT trim to the RS trim gives your Equinox extras such as heated seats, a power liftgate, and rear cross-traffic alert. You should explore each trim in detail to determine which one best suits your needs and budget. If you need any assistance, the team at Huffines Chevrolet is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is the 2023 Chevy Equinox Right for You?

The 2023 Chevy Equinox is a great choice for many people. For example, if you want an SUV for your next road trip, you’ll enjoy the Equinox’s fuel efficiency, comfort, and cargo space. If you’re looking for something for a young family, you’ll love that the Equinox has plenty of rear space and is packed with safety features. You should definitely consider the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox if you’re after a reliable and affordable compact SUV without sacrificing quality and driving fun.

Find a 2023 Chevrolet Equinox at Huffines Chevrolet

If you live near Plano and think that the 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is the right vehicle for you, then Huffines Chevrolet is here to help. In addition to answering all your questions about this SUV and other vehicles, we can arrange a test drive for you to experience it firsthand. We’ll do everything we can to support your decision-making process so that you end up with an SUV that perfectly fits your needs.

To get started, browse our current new inventory to see what’s available or check out our latest new vehicle specials. If you want to save time at the dealer, you can apply for a loan online in advance. Finally, contact us and make an appointment at our dealership. Once you’re here, we’ll work with you to find a payment plan for your new Chevrolet and get you on the road before you know it.


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