August 11

Best Dog Walking Parks in the Plano, TX, Area


There are lots of parks in the Plano area that are dog-friendly. Whether you like to walk Fido along multi-use trails, play catch with your fur baby in an open field, or encourage Spot to make new friends at the dog park, there are plenty of ways you and your dog can have fun at local parks. With so many options for walking trails, open spaces, and dog parks, you and your furry friend won’t run out of fresh places to explore. All of the following Plano parks are open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week.  

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

The Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is over 800 acres, so even if the parking lot seems full, you don’t have to worry about the park and trails being crowded. You’ll find a wide variety of landscapes to explore, like marshlands, fields, a creek, and a natural lake. From lawn activities and a natural playground to loads of amenities, you’re sure to have fun with your furry friend at this park. If you like doing water activities with your pet, you can canoe, kayak, or paddleboard on the lake.

The multitude of trails at Oak Point Park gives you almost 85 miles of walking options. You can choose between concrete paths, raised wooden walkways, and unpaved trails, all of which are well maintained and pet-friendly. All the trails go through beautiful scenery that’s perfect for a spontaneous photoshoot or selfies with your pup. You’re likely to see some wildlife like frogs, birds, and small mammals.

The Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is located at 5901 Los Rios Boulevard in Plano.

Russell Creek Park

Russell Creek Park is great for all kinds of outdoor activities. You’ll find athletic complexes dedicated to baseball and soccer along with synthetic turf fields and natural turf fields. There is a small lake where you can fish off the pier and catch catfish or sunfish, and you can bring a picnic lunch and eat at the pavilion while your kids play on the playground.

If you like walking your dog along trails for exercise, there are two options at Russell Creek. The 3.4-mile loop of Russell Creek Park Trail starts with a small inner loop that wanders around the lake for about half a mile before making a large outer loop around the entire park. While on the trail, you’ll see Skaggs Elementary School, Rice Middle School, and Fire Station Number 10.

The 2.2-mile Russell Creek Greenbelt Trail starts on the east side of the park and takes you up one side of the greenbelt then back down the other side. You’ll pass by Capstone Park, a neighborhood park with picnic tables and a playground.

The Russell Creek Park is located at 3500 McDermott Road in Plano.

Bob Woodruff Park

Bob Woodruff Park has a north side and south side, depending on whether you are north or south of Park Boulevard. Both sides of the park are full of amenities for you and your furry friend to enjoy, and there are multiple hard surface walking trails for you to explore. The trail around the fishing pond is 0.7 miles, the Bob Woodruff Park Trail cuts through the entire park for a 2.2-mile walk, and you can connect with the Santa Fe Trail or Oak Point Park Trail if you want a longer route.

The dog park at Bob Woodruff Park is a spacious, 7-acre area that is double-gated and fenced. The dog park layout includes separate sections with designations for larger dogs, smaller dogs, and individual paddocks. There are benches inside the dog park for humans to sit and rest while watching their pups play as well as a shade structure, safety lighting in the evening, water stations, and waste disposal stations.

The Dog Park at Bob Woodruff Park is located at 2300 Shiloh Road in Plano.

Windhaven Meadows Park

Windhaven Meadows Park is a neighborhood park with a creek, recreation center, and amenities to meet all your needs. There’s a huge playground, swing set, and splash pad for kids plus picnic tables, grills, a pavilion, and a restroom for parties. You can also take advantage of walking trails, paved biking trails, and a dog park for exercising your dog. The half-mile paved trail will take you past wide-open spaces and has human and dog watering stations if you or your pup gets thirsty.

The dog park at Windhaven Meadows Park is 5 acres with double gates, and it’s completely fenced in. There are separate areas for large and small dogs and a rinse station outside each area to bathe your pup if he gets dirty. Other amenities include LED lighting, shade shelters, picnic tables, stone benches, and seating walls. There are also water stations and waste disposal stations for your convenience.

The Dog Park at Windhaven Meadows Park is located at 5400 Windhaven Parkway in Plano.

Jack Carter Park

Jack Carter Park is a community park with a playground that’s inclusive to allow children of all abilities to engage in moving, climbing, and playing. There are many amenities like athletic fields, sand volleyball, a pond, picnic tables, a pavilion, and restrooms. If you enjoy exploring trails with your fur baby, there are lots of options. On the north side of the park is a 0.7-mile loop, there’s a 1.1-mile trail that meanders through the park, and you can connect with the Bluebonnet and Chisholm trails as well.

There’s also a 2-acre dog park at Jack Carter Park that is fenced in and double-gated. Two designated areas separate large and small dogs while their owners can sit on benches or at picnic tables and watch their pets play. LED lighting illuminates the dog park until it closes late in the evening. There’s plenty of shade with the shade shelters and stations available for rinsing your dog, getting water, or disposing of waste.

The Dog Park at Jack Carter Park is located at 2215 Pleasant Valley Drive in Plano.

Here at Huffines Chevrolet of Plano, we know how important it is to spend quality time with your pet. We hope you’ve found our list of dog-friendly Plano parks useful and we hope it inspires you to spend some time outdoors with your best friend. There were so many great parks to choose from, we might have overlooked your pup’s favorite spot. Contact us and tell us about your dog’s favorite park so we can add it to our list.


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