February 24

Car Gadgets You Should Have In Your Car!


Many people drive their cars at least once every day. Whether it’s driving to and from work, a quick trip to the grocery store, or a long journey across the country, cars make up a major part of life for many Texans. One way that people are making their trips more enjoyable and safer is car gadgets. Car gadgets are small machines and tools that you can add to your vehicle to accomplish something it didn’t do before. Below is a list of several car gadgets that can help you make driving a better experience.

Best Gadgets for Your Car

Backseat Organizer

Whether it’s a quick drive to the local supermarket or a trip you’ve been planning for years, a backseat organizer can help you pack your car more effectively, never lose your bags, and keep what’s important within easy reach. Backseat organizers come in a variety of models, but most include a latching system to keep them from moving and provide a space via shelves, baskets, or pockets. Some include spaces to hold water bottles, tablets, and books to keep backseat passengers entertained. Backseat organizers are also great for keeping useful items such as umbrellas or tissues handy.

Bluetooth Receiver

If you’re driving an older vehicle, it may not have come with features such as a standard Bluetooth receiver built directly into the audio system. If this is the case, you can use a receiver with an audio aux cable adapter to bring this modern technology to your classic vehicle. These provide a way to access your vehicles’ audio system and play your favorite songs, audiobooks, and podcasts straight from a Bluetooth-compatible device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Car Air Purifier

If you spend a lot of time driving in Texas, you know dust and air quality can be an issue. This is where a car air purifier can help. Using this gadget can help you keep the inside of your vehicle filled with clear air. These devices can help keep harmful chemicals such as CO2, allergens such as pollen, airborne viruses, and other particles from causing health problems to you and your passengers. These devices can also help you keep the interior of your car smelling clean by preventing the buildup of everyday odors on the interior of your car.

Cordless, Handheld Vacuum

Owning a cordless vacuum can help you clean everyday messes from the inside of your car. You can keep your vehicle clear of crumbs, dirt, leaves, small twigs, pet hair, and other debris. Over time, the buildup of debris can create harmful effects such as a buildup of mold and bacteria. Keeping a cordless vacuum means you can clean up messes as they happen, instead of waiting to go to a car wash or other location with a vacuum. Another benefit of this gadget is that you can clean with it in case you have an unexpected passenger.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes, life has unexpected surprises for everyone. Having a first aid kit in your vehicle can help you prepare for life’s bumps and scrapes without having to worry about not having supplies. Many first aid kits come with bandages, sterile gauze, and ways to purify liquids. These can be useful if you or another person become injured during a drive. These kits also come with gloves and other safety equipment, which can be useful in other situations such as cleaning up unknown spills and checking your vehicle for damage. Just remember to restock on items you use from the kit.

Mini Tire Inflator

As you accomplish your everyday driving goals, the tire pressure for your vehicle slowly decreases. Other factors, such as weather and roadway debris, can cause the pressure in your tires to decrease, which can lead to lower performance from your vehicle. Having a mini tire inflator can help you get your tire up to a safe driving level and help you get to the nearest location where you can check your tire pressure and refill them properly. Having this simple gadget can also help you inflate tires for other things such as wheelbarrows and wagons, making them useful for anyone.

Mirror Dash Camera

These useful little gadgets can help you capture life’s moments. Whether it’s a beautiful vista as you drive towards the sunset or a challenge you need to record, these devices provide a way for you to document what happens in front of your vehicle. Having one of these devices can help you describe a scene to anyone who asks or help you create a memorable road trip experience to watch once you return to your home.

Mountable Backup Camera

Most vehicles have blind spots directly behind them, but with a rear-mounted backup camera you can ease concerns about bumping into something behind you. These devices allow you to see directly behind your vehicles as you reverse, allowing you to avoid unexpected collisions. Some of these devices also come with the ability to create a path behind you and warn you as you get close to obstacles, helping you steer your vehicle while remaining comfortably in facing forward and checking mirrors.

Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is a device that allows you to jump your car’s battery without having to connect to another vehicle. They are useful if you’re in a tight space such as a parking deck, in a garage, or otherwise inaccessible by another vehicle. You can connect the cables from the device directly to your battery as you would if you were connecting them to another car. Then you can activate the device and jumpstart your battery, possibly saving you from being stranded in locations far from your home.

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