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Chevrolet Colorado Towing & Payload Capacities

When it comes to pickup trucks, few models command as much respect as the Chevrolet Colorado. Renowned for its rugged durability, versatile performance, and unwavering capability, the Colorado has earned its place as a formidable contender in the competitive truck market. It boasts five trim levels with exceptional towing and payload capacities and sets new standards for strength and versatility in its class.

In this article, our team at Huffines Chevrolet Plano explores the impressive towing and payload capabilities of the Chevrolet Colorado in greater detail. We also explore its towing and hauling features that improve your driving experience. From hauling heavy loads to towing trailers and equipment, the Colorado is a reliable workhorse and a dependable companion for any adventure.

2024 Chevrolet Colorado Towing Capacities

Towing capacity refers to the maximum weight the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado can safely tow behind it. It’s determined by various factors, including the vehicle’s engine power, transmission, suspension, braking system, and structural strength. The manufacturer specifies the towing capacity, which can vary widely among different models and trim levels. It’s important to know your vehicle’s towing capacity to ensure the safe towing of trailers, boats, RVs, or other heavy loads.

Exceeding the towing capacity can lead to dangerous situations, such as loss of control, brake failure, or structural damage to the vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential to adhere to Chevy’s towing guidelines and never exceed the specified towing capacity for your vehicle. The 2024 Chevrolet Colorado’s towing capacities remain the same as the previous model year. Below are the maximum towing capacities for the Chevrolet Colorado, depending on the model, powertrain, and drivetrain you choose.

Drivetrain Max Trailer Weight (Turbo 2.7L I-4 L2R) Max Trailer Weight (Turbo 2.7L I-4 L3B)
Colorado Work Truck (WT) Two-wheel drive (2WD) 3,500 pounds 7,700 pounds
Colorado WT Four-wheel drive (4WD) 3,500 pounds 7,700 pounds
Colorado LT 2WD 3,500 pounds 7,700 pounds
Colorado LT 4WD 3,500 pounds 7,700 pounds
Colorado Trail Boss 4WD   7,700 pounds
Colorado Z71 4WD   7,700 pounds
Colorado ZR2 4WD   6,000 pounds
Colorado ZR2 Bison 4WD  
6,000 pounds

Cargo Payload Ratings

The 2024 Chevrolet Colorado boasts impressive payload capacities for transporting cargo in the truck bed. The payload capacity refers to the maximum weight that the truck can carry, including passengers, cargo, and any additional accessories or equipment. The exact capacity depends on the trim, engine choice, and any optional equipment. Below are the cargo ratings for the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado, including payload capacity and maximum cargo volume.

Cargo Payload Capacity Cargo Box Length Cargo Box Width Floor Cargo Box Width Wheelhousing Cargo Volume
Colorado WT 1,623 pounds 61.7 inches 58.8 inches 45.5 inches 41.9 cubic feet
Colorado LT 1,592 pounds 61.7 inches 58.8 inches 45.5 inches 41.9 cubic feet
Colorado Trail Boss 1,720 pounds 61.7 inches 58.8 inches 45.5 inches 41.9 cubic feet
Colorado Z71 1,719 pounds 61.7 inches 58.8 inches 45.5 inches 41.9 cubic feet
Colorado ZR2 1,423 pounds 61.7 inches 58.8 inches 45.5 inches 41.9 cubic feet

Towing and Hauling Features

Here are some of the noteworthy towing and hauling features of the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado that support towing heavy loads.

Engine Options

The 2024 Chevrolet Colorado comes with a choice of two powerful engine options. A turbocharged 2.7L I-4 L2R engine that produces 237 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque comes standard on the WT and LT trims. The more potent TurboMax turbocharged 2.7L I-4 L3B gasoline engine, rated at 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque, comes standard in the Trail Boss, Z71, and ZR2 variants and is available in the WT and LT trims. Both engines provide ample power for towing heavy loads, such as boats and trailers.

Drive Modes

Five different driving modes are available for the 2024 Colorado. These modes are useful when towing heavy loads over different types of terrain. Drive modes include:

  • Tow/Haul: This mode is perfect for navigating heavy or large loads.
  • Off-Road: This mode offers more traction on loose surfaces such as grass or snow.
  • Terrain: This mode is ideal for driving up steep hills or conquering obstacles.
  • Baja: This mode is exclusive to the ZR2 trim and provides even more traction and stability when driving over sand.
  • Normal: This model is ideal for everyday driving, as it optimizes performance and efficiency.

Trailering Package

A Trailering Package comes standard or optional with the 2024 Colorado, depending on the trim you go for. It’s available on the lower trims, including the WT, LT, Trail Boss, and Z71, and is standard on the ZR2. The package includes:

  • A 2-inch towing receiver hitch.
  • Four-pin and seven-pin connectors.
  • An automatic locking rear differential to enhance traction and stability.
  • A seven-wire electrical harness and a seven-pin sealed connector for securing the trailer’s lights and brakes to your vehicle.
  • Four-way sealed connector for trailers without brakes to connect brake lamps, parking lamps, and the vehicle’s turn signals.

Cargo and Hauling Gear

The Chevrolet Colorado is well equipped for hauling or towing heavy gear with a new rugged, off-road performance display and 10 available camera views, so you can always keep your eye on your trailer. It boasts 17 available tie-downs, more than other trucks in its class. These tie-downs help secure your cargo while on the move. It also features an optional first-in-class StowFlex Tailgate, which allows you to lock your storage compartment. The tailgate also has a drain, so you can keep beverages and other contents cold.

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