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Fresh and New Date Night Ideas in Plano

Whether you’re in a new relationship or preparing to celebrate a milestone anniversary, date nights are essential for a good relationship. They allow you to spend time together and experience new things, helping you make important memories that last a lifetime. However, it may feel easy to slip into old habits and go on the same dates on repeat. To help you get out of your rut, we’ve created this list of some fresh and new date night ideas to consider in the Plano, Texas, area.

Wine Tasting

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Going wine tasting may be a fun way to try a variety of wines and learn more about the wine-making process. You may even find a new favorite wine during your tastings, and purchasing a bottle to take home may be a nice way to commemorate the evening. One option for tasting locally made wines from Texas is the Homestead Winery, which recently opened a location in Plano. If you and your partner are serious wine lovers, consider making a weekend trip to Austin or Houston to take a one-night class at the Texas Wine School.

Axe Throwing

If you’re looking for a physical activity on your date night, consider going axe throwing. After a brief training session, enjoy an evening of this indoor sport that involves throwing axes at wooden bull’s-eye targets. For axe throwing in Plano, consider Corky’s Gaming Bistro. This venue allows you to make reservations in advance and offers food and drink options during your session.

Cooking Classes

Whether you’re experienced pros or better suited for dish duty, think about taking a cooking class. This allows you to learn a new skill and work as a team with your significant other, which may encourage good communication. As a bonus, you get something delicious to eat once you finish. Consider heading to Dallas to take a class with The Cookery. Choose from a variety of cuisines for your class, such as French, Japanese, Tuscan, or Indian.

Trivia Nights

Team up with your partner for a night of enjoying good food and drinks and challenging yourself to some trivia. Head to a pub, such as the Holy Grail Pub, to participate in the British tradition of a weekly quiz night. If you prefer to know what kinds of questions to expect, browse your other options for trivia nights in Plano to pick a themed night that you’ll both enjoy. Looking to expand your team to better stack up against the competition? Consider inviting another couple for a casual night of trivia fun together.

Sports Games

Don’t miss an opportunity to cheer on the home team. Choose from one of the many professional sports teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which include options for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and more. For something closer to home, consider checking out what Plano Parks and Recreation offers. Take in a kickball or flag football game, or think about signing up to join in the action yourselves.

Scavenger Hunt

If you and your significant other enjoy a sense of adventure, go on a scavenger hunt through Plano. Explore the city with a scavenger service you can purchase through a site like Let’s Roam, or choose from the variety of geocaching trails in Plano. Another fun option may be creating your own scavenger hunt that takes your partner to various places uniquely important to you and your relationship.

Pottery Classes

Try something new with a pottery class. Use the opportunity to get your hands dirty, and enjoy some new takeaway options to use when decorating your home. Arts on Fire offers classes for beginners, workshops for those with some experience, and options for renting time at a pottery wheel. This shop may also be a good option for pottery painting or a variety of other artistic activities you can try out on date night.


Going roller-skating may be a fun way to be active with your partner. If you’re looking for ideas for dates early in a relationship, this activity can provide some lighthearted fun as you both try to keep your balance. Search for a skating rink in the area, such as Thunderbird Roller Rink, which offers adults-only skating nights.

Dance Classes

Look for beginning dance classes to learn a new skill with your partner. This can be a fun way to bond and find something new that you enjoy doing together. Studios like Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer couples dance lessons for beginners in a variety of styles.

Bookstore Visits

Go on the hunt for a local bookstore, and spend some time browsing the stacks. One option may be browsing the shelves together and taking turns to talk about some of your favorite titles. Another way to spend this date could be splitting up and buying a book for the other to read.


If you and your partner consider yourselves thrill-seekers, you might enjoy skydiving. This allows you to experience the city in an entirely new way, and it may be a fun way for you to face your fears together. Dallas Tandem Skydiving offers traditional skydiving, but you may be able to find options for indoor skydiving as well.

Museum Visits

Immerse yourself in history by visiting a museum. Browse the variety of exciting museums available in the Plano and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. One option is the Heritage Farmstead Museum, which is an institution accredited by the American Association of Museums. Visiting this museum allows you to transport yourself in time to experience life on the Texas Blackland Prairie and browse a variety of archival collections.

We’ve reached the end of our list of some new date ideas to consider. If you have an exciting idea to share, let us know! We welcome your suggestions, and we may even update our list with your contribution. At Huffines Chevrolet Plano, we’re proud to be a part of the Plano community as your trusted Chevrolet dealer. We hope this list has inspired you to try something new for date night with your special someone.


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