April 14

Everyday Things You Should Have in Your Car!

Whether you’re someone who keeps the truck of your vehicle full of random items or it’s usually completely empty, there are certain supplies everyone should keep in their car. Whether you encounter severe weather conditions, get a flat tire, or have a spill in your vehicle, it’s important to be prepared for a variety of circumstances that may arise to help you stay safe on the road and reach your destination with as little delay as possible. Read on to discover what everyday things you should have in your car before you hit the road for your next voyage. 

Supplies for Car Repair and Maintenance

Tire Pressure Gauge

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You never know what may arise while driving, so it’s important to be prepared for situations like a flat tire or dead battery. This means that you should keep a variety of supplies for car repair and maintenance in your trunk and glove box, including a tire pressure gauge. It’s important to check your car’s tire pressure regularly to prevent unnecessary tire wear, improve precision and handling, and increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Maintaining a safe tire pressure level can also help you avoid dangerous situations and stay in control of your vehicle.  

Another good item to have is a spare tire, and keeping one of these handy, as well as a tire iron and jack, can help you prepare for emergencies like getting a flat tire. Be sure you’re familiar with how to change a tire and you have the correct security key to remove them. Furthermore, you may accidentally drive over a sharp object, like a nail, which can puncture and deflate your tire. Having a tire inflater and sealer can help you fill the hole to give you enough time to drive to a repair shop to assess the damage.

Finally, it’s not uncommon for a car to get a dead battery, especially if the lights or other features were left on accidentally for a long period. Jumper cables can help you jumpstart your car’s engine using the power of another vehicle, or you can keep an emergency battery booster in your trunk so you won’t have to rely on another person’s engine to start your vehicle. This can get you back on the road more quickly and save you the money of having to get your vehicle towed to a nearby shop. 

Items for Convenience and Minor Mishaps

While it’s important to be prepared for events like a flat tire or dead car battery, you’ll also benefit from staying stocked on items that can help you when minor mishaps occur, or ones that provide you with comfort and convenience on the road. The first item to consider is a USB cellphone charger. Whether it’s an emergency or a typical day, it’s important to have a fully charged mobile device so you can contact your friends, family, and colleagues. Keeping a USB charger in your car can help you ensure your device is ready to use when necessary. 

If you’re stuck in your car overnight or you need to change your tire in rough weather conditions, having a change of clothes can help you stay warm and dry. If you don’t want to keep an entire outfit in your truck, consider having a waterproof jacket and pair of shoes or boots that allow you to stay prepared for rain, snow, or low temperatures. Similar to this, a blanket may help if you end up spending several hours stuck in your vehicle, and it’s handy if you decide to take an impromptu trip to enjoy some time outdoors. 

Finally, whether you hit a bump and spill your coffee in the car or you have a runny nose, it’s always a good idea to keep tissues and paper towels in your vehicle. This can help you be prepared for any minor messes that happen while you’re driving. 

Resources To Keep You Safe

While you may already keep a small emergency kit in your vehicle, there are several resources you should have in your car to ensure you stay safe. One of the most important items to keep in your vehicle when you’re on the road for your safety is a first-aid kit. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, especially if you have people who frequently ride in your vehicle. Make sure you’re stocked up on bandages, gauze pads, scissors, and gloves, so you’re ready to handle any cuts, scrapes, blisters, or other minor medical issues that may occur.

If you often drive at night, keeping flares or reflective triangles in your trunk can be a smart precaution because you can line them up along your vehicle when you’re pulled off to the side of the road to increase visibility and ensure other drivers can see you. Another useful item is a car hammer, which is a helpful tool you can use in an emergency to break the window of your vehicle if you get stuck inside. Many car hammers also come with a seat belt cutter, another handy item that can help you escape your vehicle if necessary.

Finally, if you have to change a tire at night or check underneath the hood of your car, a tactical flashlight is essential. They emit more light than a standard flashlight, and you also can use a tactical flashlight as a self-defense tool in an emergency, making it a useful tool to keep in your glove box or trunk, along with batteries to operate it. 

Whether you drive a lot for work, enjoy taking road trips, or just use your vehicle to run errands and take your kids to school, it’s important to stay prepared and keep a variety of everyday things in your car to be ready for any situation. Did you notice any crucial items missing from our list? Feel free to contact our team, and we’ll make sure to update our recommendations so everyone can stay safe and prepared when they’re on the road. 


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