September 22

How To Get the Most out of the MyChevrolet App


If you’re driving a new or new-to-you Chevrolet, you’re going to love the MyChevrolet app. This app lets you connect your smartphone to your vehicle to access many awesome features and information. Using your phone as a mobile command center, you can check your vehicle’s health and status, even when your Chevy isn’t close by. The MyChevrolet app has a ton to offer, so be sure to read more about the awesome features only available through the app.

The MyChevrolet App

MyChevrolet App

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Most new Chevrolet models are compatible with the app, unlocking many exciting benefits for users. Even if you choose to buy a gently used vehicle under 10 years old, you can use the app to access your vehicle’s full functionality. Features and capabilities can vary between model years, but, by connecting, users get even more to love from their Chevrolet. Many connectivity services come free of charge and make it easy for users to connect their phones with their vehicles.

It’s easy to use and totally customizable, truly putting you in the driver’s seat. Drivers can earn rewards, schedule services, and so much more. Compatible with most Apple and Android devices, the app makes it simple to stay connected to important aspects of your vehicle.

What Can the MyChevrolet App Do?

There’s a lot the MyChevrolet app has to offer. Here are some of the exciting features available with the app:

Remote Commands

You can use the app to start your vehicle remotely with compatible vehicles. You can start and stop your vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, and even sound the vehicle’s horn when your app and vehicle have the right equipment.

Say goodbye to the days of losing your vehicle in a parking lot or trying to remember where you parked. The app lets you remotely access your vehicle’s location. You can set boundary alerts and create special notifications for departures and arrivals. You can even use the voice assist features with compatible smartphones to perform these actions.

Status Reports for Your Vehicle

With the app, you can easily discover which services you need and view status reports for your vehicle. At the touch of a button, check your tire pressure, fuel level, and oil life. You can even link your app with your preferred participating service provider or dealership to schedule services conveniently from your phone.

Driver Resources

Start getting rewards for your driving with My Rewards, available on the MyChevrolet app. Drivers can collect and redeem points for accessories, use them for services, or even apply them to their lease or purchasing options. The Smart Driver features let you access analytics and reports that offer insight into your driving habits and behaviors. See tips that help you improve your driving and review your driving style to learn more about your driving habits. 

Multiple drivers and family members can connect with a vehicle via the app, so multiple people can remotely start or use other app features to access vehicle status and more. Other resources include access to your phone’s 4G LTE hotspot, and supporting connectivity to your vehicle wherever you go.

Trailering Features

Pull trailers with confidence using your app. The app offers a trailering function to test your connections, check your lights, and calculate load sizes. A glossary of trailering terms helps you learn more about your vehicle’s capabilities and safe trailering.

Electric Vehicle Charging

The MyChevrolet app has specific functionality for those with electric motors that lets you see charging figures and needs. You can see if your route is within your vehicle’s range and shows available charging stations. You can easily adjust your route in real-time directly from your app.

Upgrading to the MyChevrolet Remote Access Plan

Some features are only available through a paid version of the app called the MyChevrolet Remote Access Plan, like remote start features, navigation connectivity, and vehicle location services. Select the plan option you desire to upgrade your app and unlock even more exciting functionality.

Benefits of Using the MyChevrolet App

There are so many benefits to using the MyChevrolet app. Here’s a closer look at some of the exciting features of the app:

Reliable Connectivity

Being connected to your vehicle can offer lots of benefits. For those who work on the road, the hotspot is an indispensable feature that lets you stay connected no matter where you are. Linking to your phone’s Bluetooth and navigation can offer added ease, too.

Peace of Mind

One of the top benefits of using the app is peace of mind. With select-enabled features, you can remotely view your vehicle’s status. This lets you see its fuel levels and service needs from anywhere, providing peace of mind and letting you know when it’s time to schedule that service.

Access to Rewards

Another great benefit is access to exclusive rewards through the app. These rewards can save you money and earn you points. You can use these points and savings to upgrade exciting features and even work toward purchasing or leasing a new vehicle.

Downloading the App

If you’re ready to benefit from the MyChevrolet app’s great functionality, downloading is easy. Simply search for the app on your smartphone’s app store. You can easily finish setup and connections from within the app or find a Chevrolet service expert to help.

Troubleshooting Your MyChevrolet App

Be sure to update your app if you run into issues with your connectivity or app features. Updates help fix bugs and improve user experiences. If your program is up-to-date and you’re struggling with connecting, you can reboot the app by deleting it and re-downloading it from your phone. There’s a helpful support feature located within the app, or you can always call your trusted Chevrolet expert to troubleshoot specific app issues.

The MyChevrolet app is a great way to stay connected to your vehicle and access your Chevy’s benefits. Stay connected, control your vehicle from afar, and easily schedule services all from within your app. We’re excited to introduce you to all the great features the MyChevrolet app offers. Let us know how the app works for you. If you need help connecting your vehicle, one of our team members would be happy to assist you in unlocking the full functionality of your Chevrolet.


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