September 14

How To Update Chevrolet Navigation System?


Modern Chevrolet vehicles have many incredible features. On top of advanced safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring and automated emergency braking, and entertainment features, such as an infotainment system and Bluetooth connectivity, some Chevrolet vehicles also feature an onboard navigation system.

This navigation system can make it easier to avoid traffic and get to your destination quickly or help you find nearby places to visit. But to get the most out of it, you occasionally need to update it. Continue reading as our Huffines Chevrolet Plano team walks you through why it’s a good idea to update the Chevy navigation system and how you can get started.

Do I Need To Update the Chevy Navigation System?

Updating your Chevrolet’s navigation system provides several benefits. With an up-to-date system, your daily commute in and around Plano and long road trips will become much easier. For starters, an updated navigation system can show you the most efficient routes. As roads change or streets close, the best way to get to your destination also changes. Updating the Chevy navigation system will give you the latest information to determine the most efficient route.

On top of finding the best route, an updated navigation system can also help you remain safe on the road. You’ll have the most current information on speed limits, one-way roads, turn restrictions, and more. The updated system will also help you find the nearest gas stations so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas.

Two other features in the Chevy navigation system that benefit from regular updates are the 3D landmarks and lane guidance. With 3D landmarks, you’ll see landmarks on the map, which can aid in navigation, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. The lane guidance feature helps ensure you’re heading in the right direction, such as when merging lanes or going through a difficult interchange. Both features need the latest information to perform at their best, so regularly updating your Chevrolet’s navigation system is a good idea.

Request the Updated Navigation DVD

There are a few simple steps to update your Chevrolet vehicle’s navigation system. The first thing you’ll want to do is request the updated navigation DVD. There are several ways you can do this. One is by calling Chevrolet’s customer support at 1-877-628-3472, or you can contact them online. You can also contact the Huffines Chevrolet Plano service center. Our team would be happy to help you complete this request and ensure you get the correct navigation DVD for your vehicle.

Install the Updated Navigation Disk

After you receive the new navigation disk from Chevrolet, the next step is to install it. It’s a relatively straightforward process that should only take a couple of minutes. Start by turning your vehicle on and ensure that it’s in Park. Next, press the POWER button on your navigation system, then press the NAV button on the system’s left side. You’ll see an icon in the center of the screen that says “Insert Map Disc.” Click on this icon, and the disk slot will open.

Insert the DVD into this slot, which will then close automatically. Once the DVD slides in, your Chevrolet will automatically start to update the navigation system. It may take a few minutes, after which the DVD will eject itself. 

Adjusting Navigation Preferences

After completing the navigation update, you can take a few minutes to select your navigation preferences if you wish. To do this, tap on the icon that says “MENU” at the bottom of the map screen. A new menu will pop up, with one of the options being “SETTINGS.” Tap this, and you’ll see a few customization options.

The first thing you can change is your routing preferences. For example, you can choose if you’d prefer the fastest or the most fuel-efficient route and if you want to avoid tolls or highways, depending on your preferred driving methods.

You can also update how the map looks and sounds. The map has three display options, including 2D North Up View, 2D Heading Up View, and 3D Heading Up View. If you’re unsure which one you prefer, try them on a short trip around Plano. There’s also a Day/Night mode feature, which adjusts the display’s colors. You can choose one of the modes as the default or have the display adjust based on the time of day.

As for the sounds, you can adjust whether you want voice prompts on or off, the volume of the voice prompts, and whether the voice prompts appear during phone calls. With all these preferences available, you can easily customize the navigation system to deliver the best experience.

Get Help Updating Your Chevy’s Navigation System in Plano

If you’re in the Plano area and need help updating your Chevrolet’s navigation system, Huffines Chevrolet Plano is here to help. We’d be happy to help you request the updated navigation DVD or walk you through the installation process. We can also help you with the various navigation settings available in your vehicle so that it works how you want it to. Our service center is here to help all Plano residents who own Chevrolet vehicles get the most out of them, including having an up-to-date navigation system.

Get Started Today

To get started updating your Chevrolet’s navigation system, please contact our service center today to schedule a visit. You can also stop by anytime during business hours; one of our team members will help you promptly. If your current vehicle doesn’t have the Chevrolet navigation system and you’d like to upgrade to one that does, we have plenty of new Chevrolet models in stock, along with some newer pre-owned options. Check out our inventory online to find a model that interests you.


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