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How To Update Your Chevy’s Navigation System


A navigation system can be a helpful tool when you’re on the road, saving you time and fuel while traveling to a new location. Ensuring your Chevy’s navigation system is up to date is a good way to receive the best directions and stay safe behind the wheel. Map updates also contain new location data, making it easier for your navigation system to find the destination you want. Here’s a look at how to update your Chevy’s navigation system and why it’s important to do so.

Why Should You Update Your Navigation System?

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A well-functioning navigation system is an essential aspect of any commute, especially if you’re driving to a new location or handling unusual road conditions. There are several benefits to updating your Chevy’s navigation system regularly, including:

  • Identifying the most efficient routes: Updating your navigation system and receiving the latest road data allows you to have access to the most efficient driving routes and stay on top of any street changes or road closures. This can help you reduce your driving time, maximize your fuel efficiency, and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Steering clear of traffic delays: You can minimize stress and road time by using your navigation system to avoid traffic delays and get to your destination sooner. This can help you save gas and enjoy your journey, so it’s essential to update your car’s navigation system regularly.
  • Avoiding driving restrictions: You can encounter a variety of restrictions when you’re on the road, including one-way streets, new turn restrictions, and other unexpected signage. With an updated map, you can stay on course and avoid excess stops throughout your trip.
  • Noticing 3D landmarks: With a newly updated Chevy navigation system, you can see 3D landmarks on your map, adding a real-life component to your vehicle’s navigation. This can be especially helpful for city driving, where you have a variety of buildings and other landmarks to pay attention to and avoid.
  • Taking advantage of lane guidance: There’s a lot to focus on when you’re behind the wheel, which is why it’s important to take advantage of your Chevy navigation system’s lane guidance feature. Lane guidance allows you to ensure you’re headed in the right direction when approaching exits, complex interchanges, and road mergers.

How To Update Your Chevy’s Navigation System  

If you want to take advantage of all of your Chevy navigation system’s great features, it’s important to understand how to complete this update. Chevy and GMC are subsidiaries of the same company, and you can order GMC’s annually updated version of their factory-installed navigation systems. Every year, these systems include new locations and improved directions to make your trip as easy as possible. Here’s how to update your vehicle’s navigation system:

Request the Updated Navigation DVD

To update the navigation system in your vehicle, you need to request a copy of the updated Chevy navigation DVD. You can make this request by calling 877-628-3472. If you need assistance, you can also stop by our service center, and one of our technicians can help you make this request. 

Install the Updated Navigation Disk

Once you receive the updated Chevy navigation DVD, the installation should only take four to five minutes. Here are four steps you can follow to use the disk to install the new navigation system:

  1. Turn your vehicle on, but make sure to leave it in park.
  2. Press the POWER button on the navigation system in your vehicle, then press the NAV button located on the left-hand side.
  3. In the center of the screen, you’ll see an icon that says “Insert Map Disc.” Click on this icon. Then, you’ll see the disk slot open. 
  4. Insert the updated Chevy navigation system disc into the slot. The disk slot will close automatically after you insert the DVD. Then, your vehicle’s navigation system will begin to update automatically.

How To Customize Your Navigation Preferences

Once you’ve updated your navigation system in your Chevy, you can customize your navigation preferences. Here’s a list of steps to help walk you through that process:

  1. Find the MENU icon located at the bottom of the map screen. Tap this icon.
  2. When the options screen pops up, select SETTINGS.
  3. From here, decide what you want to customize. Your options include routing preferences, navigation voice preferences, map view preferences, and selecting day or night mode.

Here’s an overview of the aspects of your navigation that you can customize to get the most out of your ride:

  • Routing preferences: When heading to your destination, you can tell your navigation system whether you want it to take you along the fastest route or the most environmentally friendly route. You can also choose road features to avoid, like highways or toll roads, to help you have maximum control over your drive.
  • Navigation voice preferences: You can customize your navigation voice preferences to turn the voice prompts on or off, turn them on or off during a phone call, and adjust their volume.
  • Map view preferences: You can also customize your map view preferences and choose from three display options: 2D Heading Up View, 2D North Up View, and 3D Heading Up View.
  • Day/night mode: You can adjust your day and night mode preferences by selecting a lighter day mode or a darker night mode. You can also program your navigation system to adjust throughout the day and night according to lighting conditions.

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