August 25

How To Update Your Chevy’s Navigation


If you’re like any Chevy owner, you likely get a lot of use from your navigation system. It’s intuitive and works for any trip you take, whether it’s to a new doctor’s office in town or a family friend’s house across the state. However, you may not have the most user-friendly experience possible if you don’t update your navigation system before you hit the road. Below, we explain how to update your Chevy’s navigation system and discuss why it’s essential in order to reap the optimal benefits from this convenient feature.

Why Update Your Chevy’s Navigation?

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Chevy Equinox Interior by Hani Arif is licensed with CC BY 2.0

Updating your Chevy’s navigation system can make you a more efficient driver. You’ll be able to access new roads that your old system didn’t know about. For example, imagine that your neighborhood has had construction for the past six months and that one result of the project was opening a new road. When you update your navigation system, it’s likely that your system will now include this new road and hundreds of others you may drive one day.

It’s important to update your navigation system so that you can be more in tune with an ever-changing landscape. You’ll be able to find the most efficient routes, which means that you can reduce your traveling time and create more fun-filled memories at your final destinations. You can also minimize the amount of fuel you consume, which helps you make fewer trips to gas stations and save money on your fuel budget.

What’s Included With the Most Recent Chevy Navigation Updates?

When you update your navigation system, you access increased accuracy for multiple sites and features, including:

  • Roads.
  • ATMs.
  • Gas stations.
  • Restaurants.
  • Speed limits.

New updates regarding these elements can be beneficial on any trip you take. For example, you can access new speed limit updates. Even if you’ve driven on the same road dozens of times in the past, you may be unaware of new speed limit postings. Updates to your Chevy navigation system can alert you about the changes to ensure you comply with the law while you’re driving.

When your Chevy navigation system has updated gas stations, restaurants, and ATMs, you can find any of these sites you’re looking for without any unnecessary detours. Not only will the navigation system make you aware of these new places, but it’ll also inform you of sites that are no longer in operation. So, these updates can help ensure that you only travel to sites that are open for business.

With an updated navigation system, you can also discover new roads. You’ll be able to avoid or minimize traffic delays in real time, find efficient routes that reduce wear and tear to your vehicle, and drive without the restrictions of one-way streets or other obstacles.

Finally, an updated navigation system can provide the most user-friendly experience when using features like 3D landmarks and lane guidance. You can view the most recent versions of 3D landmarks so that you can better visualize what’s around you while you drive. You can also experience the most up-to-date lane guidance cues that make navigating interchanges, road mergers, and upcoming exits easier.

How To Update Your Chevy’s Navigation

Here’s a list of steps on how to update your Chevy’s navigation:

1. Acquire a Navigation Update Disc

You’ll first need to acquire a navigation update disc to initiate an update to your Chevy navigation system. Find out what you need using this search tool. After you enter your vehicle’s information, the tool will tell you what you need to order. The easiest way to then get what you need is to contact the customer support team at General Motors. You can fill out a contact form or call them at 1-866-351-7608. Order the appropriate update disc and wait for it to arrive before proceeding with the next steps.

2. Start Your Vehicle

Once you have your update disc in hand, you can initiate the update process. Begin by starting your vehicle. Leave it in the “Park” position.

3. Make the Appropriate Selections on Your Dashboard

Push the “Power” button on your navigation screen. Then, press the “NAV” button. You can find the “NAV” button on your screen’s left-hand side.

4. Choose “Insert Map Disc”

Find the option that reads “Insert Map Disc.” This option should appear in the middle of your navigation screen. Wait until a disc slot opens. 

5. Insert Your Update Disc

The final step is to insert your update disc into the open slot. Upon insertion, the disc slot should automatically close. If the slot doesn’t close automatically, make sure that you placed it correctly. You may have to pick it up and adjust it so that it fits properly. Once the slot closes, the navigation system should automatically complete the relevant updates. The entire update process shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. Upon completion, you can remove the update disc.

Keep the car in park while you test out the navigation updates. You may notice different restaurants or other sites along familiar routes. You can continue to confirm that the updates worked as you take trips in your vehicle over the next several days or weeks.

Updating your Chevy’s navigation system is a simple process you can complete independently. If you’ve never performed this kind of update before or if you are unsure of any step, feel free to contact our team at Huffines Chevrolet Plano. One of our team members will happily assist you with the update process so that you can drive efficiently.

Even if you’ve got your Chevy navigation system figured out, we’re still here to assist with all things Chevy-related. Whether you want to sign your car up for vehicle maintenance services or discuss alternative financing options that better fit your circumstances, we’re available to help. Be sure to get in touch with us today to start the conversation, and we’ll take it from there.


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