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What are the best accessories for the Chevy truck?

tonneau cover

Your Chevy truck is built to stand up to a wide variety of challenges. Whether you’re using it for work or pleasure, it’s important to have your Silverado or Colorado thoughtfully outfitted to meet your needs. These truck accessories are among the best investments you can make for functionality and long-term protection.

Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are great if you’re toting around items that fit neatly within the bed of the truck. They’ll conceal your belongings, keep the truck bed clean, and protect items that are stored beneath. Whether you want to keep your groceries safe from the elements or hide your tools from prying eyes, a tonneau cover can do the job.

There are many styles to choose from, but one of the most popular is the hard tri-fold cover. A durable aluminum tonneau cover can stand up to UV radiation, scratching, and heavy use. Since the Chevy Colorado and Chevy Silverado have different truck bed dimensions, make sure you select a tonneau cover that’s designed for your specific truck model.

Drop-In Truck Bed Liner

A truck bed liner will protect the bed of your Chevy truck from scratches, stains, messes, and damage. This is a great way to help preserve the value of your vehicle. Drop-in liners are the best option because they’re removable and thus replaceable if you need a new one in the future or want to pull it out and show off the pristine bed beneath when you’re selling your truck and upgrading to a newer model. Bed mats and bed rugs are cheaper alternatives, but they don’t offer as much protection.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Hopping into a Chevy truck can present a challenge. The Silverado 1500 is between 75.5 and 78.4 inches tall and the Colorado is between 70.3 and 72.5 inches tall, so you may need a leg up to get inside. Nerf bars and running boards offer the perfect solution. Nerf bars, or side bars, are slimmer with designated places to step. They offer less ground clearance and leave more space between the step and the vehicle. 

Running boards are wider and the step runs the full length of the vehicle. These offer more ground clearance and less space between the board and the truck. In general, a nerf bar is better if you’re planning on off-roading and a running board is preferred for a lower-profile truck that will stay on the road.

Floor Mats

Built to work hard, your Chevy truck probably sees its fair share of mud, gravel, dirt, and debris. Custom floor mats that are made for extra durability. They will help you keep your truck pristine and make cleaning up a breeze. The best option is a rubber all-weather floor mat with raised edges that can catch spills, liquid, and melting snow. When it’s time to clean these off, you can simply dump out the debris and hose off the mat to have it looking like new.

Performance Chips and Programmers

Performance chips and power programmers plug into your Chevy truck and unleash extra power. The factory programming for your vehicle is somewhat limited. Designed for the average driver, these settings don’t deliver everything your truck is capable of. Performance chips increase your torque output and horsepower by adjusting the ignition timing, air to fuel ratio, and other elements. 

Performance chips typically have predetermined settings, while programmers offer more customization and fine-tuning. If you want an easy plug-and-go option, you’ll prefer the former, while those who like to tweak their vehicles incessantly will enjoy the latter.

Seat Covers

Chevy trucks are available with both cloth and leather seats, but you may want to use custom-fitted seat covers of your own over these to preserve the original upholstery. Using seat covers also makes it possible to customize the appearance of your truck. If you’re purchasing a pre-owned Chevy Silverado or Chevy Colorado, you may find a great deal that simply doesn’t have the interior that you’re after. This is easily fixed with new seat covers in your truck.

You can find custom seat covers that change the look and feel of your truck in myriad ways. You can opt for sheepskin or fleece for a soft feel, or select a heavyweight polyester that’s waterproof to keep stains from seeping through to the seats beneath. Seat covers will leave the original seats looking like new so your truck has great resale value in the future.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps create a barrier between the wheel well and the tire. They can protect the fender from damage and debris, even offering adequate protection to prevent premature rusting in this susceptible area. Mud flaps also protect pedestrians and other vehicles on the road by minimizing the chances that your truck will kick up gravel, dirt, and debris toward other cars. 

Mud flaps are both efficient and attractive. You can use this accessory to enhance the overall appearance of your truck, giving it a sleek new look. Mud flaps are easily customized so you can even use them to promote your business if you’re using your truck for professional purposes.

Deflectors and Vent Visors

Deflectors help channel sleet, snow, and rain away from your windshield and windows. They can also channel wind away from the windows so you can crack them with less noise. Carefully positioned deflectors offer added shade as well, keeping the sun away from your eyes around the edges of the windows. Once you’ve installed this accessory, you may never want to go back to a standard truck again.

It’s important to choose deflectors and vent visors that are uniquely fitted to your Chevy Silverado or Colorado. Poorly fitted deflectors won’t give you the effectiveness that you need, particularly in a heavy rain or other severe weather.

With the right accessories in place, you can enjoy enhanced performance and better resale value from your Chevy truck. If you’re in the market for a new Chevy to outfit with these enhancements, contact us at Huffines Chevrolet Plano to see what’s in stock.

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