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Best hiking trails in the Plano area

oak point park and nature preserve

As the weather warms up, you might start thinking about going hiking in the Plano, Texas, area as a way to get outside and enjoy some exercise and adventure. There are plenty of hiking trails in the area for hikers of all skill levels, from novice to advanced, plus options that allow you to bring along your four-legged friends. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the Plano area.

Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve

This park contains almost 8 miles of concrete trails along with 5 miles of soft-surface trails, providing some variety to hikers of all skill levels. Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is Plano’s largest park, at 800 acres, and is located along Rowlett Creek. In addition to the hiking trails, Oak Point Park offers an adventure playground with natural play elements for children and youth to explore, restrooms, pavilion, benches, and bike repair stand. The pond is also open for kayaking and paddleboarding if you want to add more adventure to your day at Oak Point Park.

Bluebonnet Trail

This concrete trail is the longest trail in Plano and actually connects with several other trails, offering even more options for hiking extending over 10 miles. You can enjoy views of the river while out soaking up the sun. This trail is great for hikers of all skill levels, including those pushing strollers or wheelchairs. You can also bring your dog along for the hike, as long as you have them on a leash. From mid-March through April, you can also enjoy the bluebonnets that bloom along the trail, thus providing the trail with its name.

Chisholm Trail

Chisholm Trail is a 9.3-mile option in Plano with trailheads at Harrington Park and Jack Carter Park. It follows a scenic creek to provide you with beautiful views of nature and wildlife. This paved trail is also good for hikers of all skill levels and is stroller and wheelchair-friendly. As long as your four-legged friend is on a leash, they can join you as you walk along the water and navigate the trail.

Harrington Park offers a playground area and pavilion, while Jack Carter Park has an inclusive playground, pavilion, picnic tables, restrooms, sand volleyball, and pond for your enjoyment. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it by starting at Harringon and ending at Jack Carter.

Bob Woodruff Park Trail

You’ll find a 3.8-mile hard surface loop trail in the lightly trafficked Bob Woodruff Park North in Plano. Enjoy a stroll along the river regardless of your hiking skills, and you can even bring along the stroller or wheelchair for a day in the sun for everyone. Take time to bird watch or find a spot in the shade to sit down and rest for a bit.

Some parts of the trail are unpaved, and they can get muddy because the park is built on a flood plain. Feel free to bring along your furry best friend as long as they’re on a leash to spend the day on Bob Woodruff Trail.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

This 200-acre park offers plenty of trails for hiking, from paved to all-natural soft-service, for hikers of all skill levels. The most popular trails include a 2.5-mile paved trail known as Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Trail. You’ll enjoy the wildflowers and bird watching and possibly spot other forms of wildlife on this trail. You can bring your dog as long as it’s on a leash. It’s also a kid-friendly trail, although not necessarily made for strollers.

Another trail in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Outer Loop, a 2.4-mile loop trail perfect for all hikers, regardless of skill level. Enjoy being surrounded by nature, including birds and other wildlife on this kid-friendly, dog-friendly trail. A nice, short trail at just 0.7-miles is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Short Loop. Once again, this trail is suitable for hikers of all skill levels, kid-friendly, and dog-friendly as long as you use a leash. Arbor Hills and Oak Point are just some dog-friendly parks in the area.

Watters Creek Trail

Located in nearby Allen, Texas, you’ll find Watters Creek Trail, a 7.2-mile out and back trail. This concrete trail allows hikers of all levels to enjoy the fauna and flora of the area, including those pushing strollers or wheelchairs. If you enjoy walking through the forest, then Watters Creek Trail is one to check out. There are also some nice bridges to enjoy out on your hike. Pack up the kids and your furry friend for a day out on a nature trip; just don’t forget the leash for your dog.

Erwin Park North Loop

For a one-way direction loop trail, check out the Erwin Park North Loop in McKinney, Texas. This 2.7-mile trail is designed for hikers with a bit of experience as it twists and turns through the woods. opens up into some fields, and offers some technical sections for those hikers who want to challenge themselves a bit. If you’d prefer to skip the technical sections, the trail does offer alternate, easier routes around them.

Erwin Park North Loop is yet another excellent trail for bird watching and immersing yourself in nature to enjoy all that wildlife has to offer. Dogs are allowed on this trail as long as they are kept on a leash.

Taychas Trail

Another trail located near Allen, Texas, is the 2.5-mile moderately-trafficked Taychas Trail. Another paved option, allowing for ease of use with strollers and wheelchairs, the Taychas Trail is designed for hikers of any skill level. Take a walk along the river, taking in the wildlife and birds as you go on a nature trip. Go ahead and bring your four-legged friend along as long as you keep them on their leash. Taychas Trail is an excellent option for families with children to get out and enjoy nature.

Sunshine, wildlife, and natural scenery surround you on any of these amazing Plano hiking trails. If we forgot your favorite hiking trail in the Plano area, reach out to us at Huffines Chevrolet Plano. We’d love to learn about where you go to hike. Grab the water bottle and put on your sunscreen, then be sure to pack a snack of picnic lunch, and make a day out of any one of these trails. Get outside and enjoy nature!

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